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a quick morning chia

100g Chia Seeds

200g Plant Milk (I use Oatly Barista)

Glug Maple Syrup / Agave

1 tsp Turmeric

1 tsp Cinnamon

Crack of black pepper to activate the turmeric

1 Frozen banana (frozen without skin)

Tiny pinch of salt

1 mug cooled chamomile tea for a different variation.

Few glugs of Oatly cream

You ‘ll need to bloom your chia to start - so mix the seeds with the plant milk of your choice.** Give it a good stir and leave to sit for 10-15 mins. Have a look and see if you want to add some more milk, then simply add everything else to the chia and milk mix. Blend in your mixer of choice. If using a nutri-bullet it is better to pulse for ten seconds then break, and then for another 10 seconds. I personally find this gets better over time and lasts a couple of days in the fridge. Add some more milk if it gets too thick or some Oatly cream to thicken and make it creamier.

**Try blooming you chia seeds in a mug of chamomile tea instead of the plant milk if you don't want to use milk. It won't be as creamy but it is still delicious and so calming.


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