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raw tomato and wild garlic little plant based pizzas

Raw Tomato | Wild Garlic Mini Pizza

Turmeric Cashew Cream

Wild Broccoli | Truffle

Makes 5 mini pizzas


500g plain flour

1 tsp instant dry yeast

Glug or two olive oil

1 heaped tbsp turmeric OR activated charcoal OR moringa (optional)


300 - 310 ml warm water

Raw Tomato | Wild Garlic sauce

250g fresh tomatoes

Small handful wild garlic

Lemon juice to taste

Salt to taste

1 tbsp soaked cashews

Turmeric Cashew Cheese

2 big handfuls/or cups soaked cashews (over night) or in boiling water for an hour to soften*

3 tbsp nutritional yeast

Salt to taste

Lemon juice to taste

Oatly cream to loosen

1/2 tsp turmeric

Black pepper to activate the turmeric

Full credit to Eleanor Maidment here for the inspiration and the dough, it is a really lovely recipe so big Thank You to her. The original recipe for the dough is in her book ‘California’, which is superb, super chilled and with fabulous pictures. I added a bit more salt and some different superfood powders to colour the dough, this is totally optional and do bear in mind the vibrancy of the colours will get lost slightly in the oven.

In a stand mixer with a dough hook attached (or a large bowl if no mixer) add the flour, yeast, salt and superfood powder if using. Mix before adding a glug of olive oil. Slowly add in 300 ml of warm water bit by bit to bring the dough together. You will need to create a smooth soft and springy dough. Knead with the mixer for 5 minutes or 10 minutes by hand.

This actually isn’t as intimidating as it sounds - stretch, roll and flap the dough about until its elastic, soft and inviting. There are tons of videos on the internet to guide you, but the best way is to create an oblong ball with the dough, holding one hand on one end firm and in the same place, push the other hand away from you and rolling or pulling it back towards you. Start with small movements but as the the dough gets more and more elastic you'll be able to stretch it out longer. This is activating the gluten in the dough. If the dough feels wet - add a small bit of flour, if too dry add a drop more of the warm water. It shouldn’t stick to your hands, you should be able to press your finger into it and leave a smooth imprint that slowly rises back. Place the dough in an oiled large reusable ziplock bag or some oiled baking parchment and in the fridge for 12 hours.

For the sauce, I’ve used wild garlic as it is in season and there is masses of it about but you could use 2 cloves of normal garlic. Blitz everything together, seasoning with more salt, pepper, lemon or some chilli if you want the heat. If you find your blender hasn’t totally processed everything you can strain it to get a smoother texture, just pour the mix though a fine sieve - this is totally up to you though. Save for later in the fridge.

Strain the soaked cashews and add them to your blender along with everything else. Don’t use too much turmeric as you only really want it for the colour. Adjust and season to your taste. You should be able to create a creamy, soft ‘cheese-spread’ texture, you will probably have to push the sides down half way though blitzing. Add more Oatly cream to loosen it if it's not of a smooth consistency. Chill when finished - it will firm up more in the fridge.

About 2 hours before you want to eat, remove the dough from the fridge and allow it to come to room temperature. On a floured work surface roll the dough out into 5 or 6 small balls, cover with the ziplock or oiled baking parchment and leave to prove for another hour. The balls will puff up slightly.

While this is happening get your oven up to temperature at 230-235°C fan assisted.

When the doughs are ready, cut a piece of baking parchment to size, don’t use a rolling pin but using your hands begin to push the dough out to create your first mini pizza base. Keep the middle thin and the edges thick. You’ll want it just about the same size as your hand, unless your hand is massive, then about 4 inches wide.

Spoon the raw tomato and garlic sauce over, but not too much. I added three dollops or quenelles of the cashew cheese and topped with some jalapeños, broccoli and olive oil but you can do what ever you like. Bake in the hot oven for 6 to 8 minutes, getting the next pizza ready while you wait.

I finished mine with some cracked black pepper and some truffle which was truly delightful.


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