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the most delicious pasta ever.

This is super quick and easy and takes 20 minutes of your time if you can’t be dealing with cooking one evening. Use a NutriBullet on the pulse setting so you don’t have to chop anything yourself.

If you’re not making your own pasta, then source some wholewheat or brown rice linguine or spaghetti, its nuttier, holds more texture and is a lot better for you. (If you’re not vegan then get some fresh - it is so tasty).

I came across this pasta dish whilst in California, the original recipe uses anchovies which I would highly recommend doing so if you eat them, just fry them in their own oils until they’ve dissolved and melted before adding the garlic. I recommend about 6-8 anchovies for 4 servings.

In the spring I use wild garlic for this. It has a very short season so grab it while you can, make sure you wash any potential dog wee off it if picking yourself. If you can’t get any then up the amount of garlic you fry in the beginning. Use cracked black pepper at the end - it makes such a difference.

Caper | Parsley | Roasted Tomato | Wild Garlic | Lemony Linguine

Serves 4

250g vine cherry tomatoes

500g wholewheat linguine or spaghetti

Rapeseed oil

3 large cloves garlic - minced (use a microplane)

200g capers and their juices

Large bunch of parley and their stalks, rinsed and very roughly chopped

Juice of one lemon

Handful wild garlic, if in season


Cracked black pepper

Good quality olive oil


1 tbsp dulse (Optional)

Heat the oven to 180°C fan, place the tomatoes on a baking sheet, drizzle in oil and some good quality rock salt and bake for 25-30 minutes to soften and char. You want these to caramelise and blacken just at the tips (pic below).

Meanwhile bring some seasoned water to boil and add the pasta.

In a separate frying pan, on a medium heat, add some vegetable oil and fry the minced garlic for a few minutes. You want to remove the rawness from the garlic, don’t let it catch the bottom of the pan.

In a NutriBullet, pulse the capers and their juices so they’re just roughly chopped (don’t blitz as you want them to remain course). Add these to the garlic pan.

In the same NutriBullet, pulse the parsley and their stalks until the same consistency as the capers, add some lemon juice to loosen if it is sticking. Reserve to one side.

When the pasta is cooked (al dente) drain most of the water, reserving about a quarter, place back on the heat, add the garlic and caper mix, the parsley and the juice of one lemon. Fold the wild garlic and roasted tomatoes into the pasta and season with a generous amount of black pepper.

Serve with a drizzle of good quality olive oil, some dulse if using and some more black pepper (and some organic, locally sourced parmesan if you’re eating it.)

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