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what to do with preserved lemons...?

Preserved Lemon Couscous

Hazelnut | Fennel | Caper

Serves 2

I’m obsessed with couscous at the moment and people have been asking me what to do with preserved lemons so this is one way and it is super quick and easy. It takes about 10 minutes and works as a quick snack or a side to any Summery lunch, dinner or BBQ. It's pumped with vitamin E which helps support a healthy immune system which we all need right now. All you need are some preserved lemons (recipe here).

I don’t use any garlic or onion so perfect for Fodmap, however this would be wonderful topped with some spring onion.

200g Wholewheat organic couscous

enough salted water to cover the couscous


60g preserved lemons (skin only) coarsely chopped

60g fennel coarsely chopped

40g hazelnuts *

20g capers

50g rocket leaves, rinsed

30ml avocado oil **


Fennel fronds

Good quality olive oil

Cracked black pepper

Bloom the couscous by pouring boiling water over the top so it covers the grains and then a little bit more, add a pinch of salt and cover for 5-7 minutes. After this time, use a fork and break the couscous up so It doesn’t stick or clump together. Sit aside uncovered whilst you prepare the lemons.

Add the preserved lemons, fennel, hazelnuts, capers, rocket and avocado oil to a Nutri-Bullet (or any blender will do). Pulse until it just about comes together, 3 or four pluses should be enough, it’s best to keep it chunky, you don’t want a smooth paste. Taste and season if you think it needs it.

Toss everything together and serve with some fennel fronds, a good amount of cracked black pepper and a lug of your favourite olive oil.

*Hazelnuts are a fabulous source of vitamin E, are anti-inflammatory, and for my friends wanting babies - promotes a healthy sperm count.

**Avocado oil is a healthy source of vitamin E which we all need during these Corona times. I like it as it has less saturated fat than other oils but by all means use rapeseed or sunflower or whatever you have in the cupboard. I don’t recommend blitzing olive oil and it tends to turn bitter, plus you don’t want to overpower the preserved lemon flavour.


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